Give and Take

Experts in IT, Business Analysis, Project Management and Requirements Engineering from all over the world are sharing their experiences on this conference. There is plenty of time for networking and knowledge sharing. Interactive formats facilitate the communication among the conference participants.

Meet Our Speakers

Thomas Schlaak

Global Sector Leader Power, Utilities & Renewables, Deloitte Consulting

Keith Ellis

Chief Engagement and Growth Officer at IIBA

Riikka Helle

Lumi Consult

Sönke Iwersen

Head of Data Intelligence & Analytics DKV Mobility

Claus Hammer

Head of One Digital Experience, Mercedes Benz AG

Kathy Berkidge

Independent BA Professional, Australia

Hannah Richta

Head of Algorithmics Operations at DB Netz AG

Simon Jaillais

Associate at KōKan

Stefan Bossuwé

EMEA Regional Deputy Director Europe for IIBA®️ Global

Seppe Wera

Graphic Designer at Studiolektrik

Sabine Ostlender

Managing Director masVenta Business GmbH

Rainer Wendt

Geschäftsführer masVenta Business GmbH