Business Analysis Work and Play with Lego bricks

23 Sep 2021
9:00 - 13:00
Room 3

Business Analysis Work and Play with Lego bricks

Does she mean that serious? How could kids toys help to facilitate the work of a business analyst.

While Katrin work’s with „kids“ toys in workshop since a decade, no other tool was used more often than LEGO bricks. They are both, simple and versatile, to allow maximum of creativity. They support team-building workshops, help to explain how Scrum (or other frameworks) function and are also ideal to make a requirements session fun.

In this workshop, she shares some insides into what she found useful and what the textbook recommends.

During the time, we look at what is needed to setup a session with Lego, how to structure it, some examples how bricks will do their job when performing Business Analyst tasks. We will brainstorm on further areas, in which it could become a useful tool. Based on the homeoffice experiences during Covid-times, this also includes some how-tos when moderating a virtual LEGO bricks workshop.