17 May/ 9:30 -17:30


Petter Wenseler/ Dennis Wolf/ Michaela Obholzer/ Stefan Marc Wagner

Design Thinking has become one of the most popular frameworks within the context of innovation management. It offers a clear structured process as well as a set of tools to create innovative and creative solutions for a wide range of business problems.
Nowadays there are a lot of books, videos and online tutorials where you can learn what Design Thinking and how it could help you within your company to face the tough challenge of innovation.
But as a Design Thinker I can tell you, the real challenge is not the understand the process or to learn about the tools. Every company, every team and every employee facing Design Thinking for the first time, has to overcome the awe of being creative.
If you’re really interested in Design Thinking it’s not enough to read about it or watch a video. You have to experience it.
We are really happy to offer you the ability to take part in a real Design Thinking Project within the 1st European Business Analysis Day. The practical workshop will take place on 5/17/18 the day before the conference.
You will learn about the relevance of warm-ups, how to make a good team check-in / check-out, the importance of time boxing, when to iterate your assumptions and why it is also important to focus on your working space.
And of course, you will also practice a set of essential methods, i.e. how to interview and what kind of interview partners are the most excited, what’s a design charrette, how to present your insights from the field as well as the results of your creative work and how to give and receive feedback.
Join this workshop while registering for the 1st European Business Analysis Day and learn how to become an innovation leader in your company.



This one-day Workshop gives you an overview about Design Thinking and explains the fundamental working spirit and mindset which help teams worldwide to succeed in innovation projects.
On that day you learn how to use the creative potential of a team, making fast decisions and perceive failing as a valuable option.
You are going to work on a real innovation project and face the challenges of creative work. At the end of the workshop you will not only experience Design Thinking in a practical way, but also get a lot of inspiration on how you can awaken the creative confidence within your organization with just some little changes.



The workshop is recommended for everyone who wants to learn how to create innovative ideas and creative solutions for new customer or user experience, especially for:
• Business Analysts and Innovation Managers
• Project Managers and Product Managers
• Marketing and Sales Staff
• Executives and HR Staff



The workshop will have 24 participants max. Up to four teams will be working parallelly on the same project, practically experiencing each Design Thinking phase at least once.
At the beginning of each phase you will get a short introduction in to the specific goal setting, typical working steps and useful methods / tools.
Every team will be supported by a wellexperienced Design Thinking coach. Based upon their profound work experience in a large number of client projects, the coaches will help you to shift theoretical foundations of Design Thinking into practical work results.