Workshop: Introduction to the LeSS Framework

16 May 2019
09:00 - 13:00
Room 3

Workshop: Introduction to the LeSS Framework

LeSS is based on Scrum principles, such as empiricism, cross-functional and self-organized/self-administered teams. Additional rules, guidelines and instructions make it possible to apply Scrum principles and practices to scaling. LeSS provides simple rules for creating an appropriate organizational structure and guidelines for introducing and using Scrum for larger and larger product development projects.

This workshop is a short introduction to the LeSS Framework. The course provides a half-day overview of the framework and some of the key concepts. It helps you decide whether LeSS is right for you.

The workshop is aimed at all those who already have basic Scrum knowledge, e.g. by participating in a Certified Scrum Master or Professional Scrum Master course, or by reading Scrum introduction material such as Scrum Primer thoroughly.

To learn more about how companies implement LeSS, visit the LeSS works Case Studies and web pages.