LeSS – Large Scale Scrum Applied at an Insurance Company

17 May 2019
10:30 - 11:15
Room 1

LeSS – Large Scale Scrum Applied at an Insurance Company

In 2013 we began the Large Scale Scrum journey at an Austrian insurance company. This is the story of its successes, and challenges.

The referenced company is one of Austria’s largest insurance companies with an annual turnover of approximately 400 million Euro and a staff of about 800 employees. It was founded in 1798. Over the last almost 220 years the organization ran through many evolutions, and saw many different times. Currently it’s headquarter is located in Graz, Austria, and has subsidiaries mainly in eastern European countries like Slovenia, and Croatia. From those 800 employees about 50 work in the IT department, the main focus of this case-study.

This case study reflects on the Scrum journey of the insurance company. For the audience it illustrates how to apply Large Scale Scrum in a stalled environment which is not used to change quickly. Challenges and incidents typical for adopting the agile mindset in such an environment at larger scale are addressed. It shows, that the journey continues and the difficulties when setting expected dates or milestones for the adoption.

Download the presentation here (username and password needed).