Keynote: Business People Against Poverty

18 May 2018
09:15 - 10:00
Room 1 + 2

Keynote: Business People Against Poverty

Entrepreuneurial initiative against poverty.

Managerswithoutborders was founded more than 10 years ago by a visionary woman, carried on by experienced economical experts who were convinced that the best they can do is to take their share of global co-responsibility and of the fight against poverty into their own hands and that they can make things move mainly by economical know-how transfer.

This developed into a worldwide movement which accompanied more than 150 projects in more than 30 countries.

Our managers without border are active „Business People Against Poverty” and contribute with the best they can do: sharing their knowledge and their experience in economics and management skills. On the spot and directly where it is needed and where it can be used. Especially on the African continent the classical middle class is missing and this „missing middle“ phenomenon is the biggest challenge. Small and medium sized enterprises are however the economic success model worldwide. These enterprises generate most of the jobs. And this is exactly where the managerswithoutborders start their help: Capacity Building is the key for a problem which has not been considered for the last 30 years.

Managers, executives, entrepreneurs, CEOs from all business sectors from HR, to project management, to controlling, production, marketing, administration, training and change management lend a hand. Young Leader are acting in a tandem.

With the foundation managerswithoutborders we could initialize a movement every German business expert can approve and identify with. It is a matter of global responsibility which – when translated into involvement and committment – makes a real change: progress, autonomy and chances for many thousands of people who do not have to live forever in poverty and who can develop their countries powerfully. It is also a matter of the markets of the future. We work in the middle of the civil society, with local partners who value a cooperation at eye level.

If anybody would ask me today: Would you do this again? I would answer with all my heart “Yes, indeed, I would. It is my greatest joy and my deepest satisfaction to think and act in global openness. Because everyone benefits.
I want to be contagiolus with my enthusiasm and my joy so that many members of the community become „Business People Against Poverty“. I want to see the change we – together – can make in this world.

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