Connecting true value drivers to boost your business success

24 Sep 2021
15:30 - 16:00

Connecting true value drivers to boost your business success

Why do we talk about business analysis at all today? Because, data we gather continuously reveals a new opportunity for companies. Companies are starting to gather and process data in novel ways, making use of ML/AI’s ability to make use of structured as well as unstructured knowledge in different formats and machine data out of the Internet of Things. Supported by this data, companies can start to rely on better decisions offered by the algorithms of ML/AI. Those systems can assist in making decisions or take actions themselves.

It is clear from the foregoing, the value propositions shift in all industries. A vigorous fight not only for competitive advantage but also for total digital domination is under way, with the future of entire companies at stake.

It is accordingly clear that one of the biggest challenge is how to identify and solidly interpret key business drivers in the ocean of data. By understanding key metrics that drive value, organizations can significantly improve their understanding of different business outcomes. Today’s management became an approach that uses next-generation technology to connect data, people, and processes across the enterprise. It enables organizations to combine strategic insight with business foresight. The current challenge doesn’t lie within the technology to be applied. But does one single truth exist in the multiple results of our analysis? Or, might such undertaking end in a competitive situation of information where the question of how to decide arises again?

In this session you’ll be guided to find your own answers for your success by connecting the most decisive business drivers.