Facilitating corporate innovation with the Innovation Canvas

18 Mai 2018
16:20 - 17:05
Room 3

Facilitating corporate innovation with the Innovation Canvas

Innovation is hard. Ideas are cheap and plentiful, but execution often falls short and few ideas lead to valuable results within reasonable time and budget.

In their presentation, Tom and Filip will share how Euroconsumers is shifting from investing in a small number of new product developments to managing a broad portfolio of innovation initiatives. They will show how the innovation canvas and corresponding validation driven approach (think — shape — try) is now guiding idea development. Some of the challenges this approach tackles:

  • Shift from product thinking to customer thinking
  • Turn a “we believe” mindset into a “what are our assumptions & how can we validate them” mindset
  • Getting MVPs right: what do we need to build first?

Furthermore, Tom and Filip will discuss which organisational structure has been set up to provide the necessary guidance to innovation initiatives in five countries, without restricting local and team creativity.

The approach’s practical application and some of its results in Euroconsumers’ five consumer organisations in five countries will be shared.

Download the presentation here (username and password needed).