24 Sep 2021
09:10 – 09:55


‘Holism’ originates from the Greek word ‘holos’ (= ‘all’, ‘whole’, ‘entire’) and is the concept that systems (physical, biological, social, economic …) are to be viewed as wholes, not just as a collection of its parts.

BA’s are very often absorbed by their work on solutions, customer journeys, business processes … all initiatives with a certain level of impact on the whole organisation.

As such, when performing #HolisticBusinessAnalysis you look at an organisation as a whole and not only as a collection of employees, business domains, customers, processes, systems, change initiatives, etc…

The speaker will initiate you into the world of #HolisticBusinessAnalysis, including the different organisational levels on which it can be performed, the various types of requirements/stakeholders/scope … and how all of these are related.

This sessions will:

  • Invite you to see an organisation as a whole as well as a collection of its parts.
  • Explore the BA profession beyond the tasks and techniques.
  • Introduce you to concepts & techniques essential to #HolisticBusinessAnalysis.