Management. Leadership. Partnership.

17 Mai 2019
14:15 - 15:00
Room 1

Management. Leadership. Partnership.

Digital change not only leads to development of new IT-enabled products and services, but also places more demands on the existing ones.

It is rather prominent, that leading-edge information systems must be available 24×7, be seamlessly integrated, and support the best customer experience one can even dream of.

However, when it comes to financial technology in the banks, most of the information systems are already quite complex. These systems evolved over time, were built and enhanced according to the market demands and regulations.

At the same time, evolution from Waterfall to Agile methodology happens, and as the result various Agile methods, such as Scrum or Kanban, are adopted for projects of different size.

Consequently, we have a very challenging setup. From one hand, we have a mature, complex, well-documented product and a team of several analysts working on the requirements in order to meet regulatory, market, or industry demands. Each analyst must discover, classify, prioritize and specify the functional and non-functional requirements, and support the system from development to production.

From another hand, we have an Agile method, which is applied in the context of a large project (10+ analysts), and thus has to be scaled in some way.

Immediately, such questions as overall analysis approaches and best practices, knowledge sharing, team and individual development arise and require answers.

Leveraging on the leadership-member exchange research, we will talk about management of analysts’ team, leadership and partnership models, and discuss what remains different in the fast changing world.

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