The Mindful Business Analyst

23 Mrz 2023
11:20 -12:05
Raum 2

The Mindful Business Analyst

In today’s volatile world, teams are under more pressure to deliver innovative solutions that not only meet customers’ expectations but exceed them. BAs are the catalyst that bring teams together to ensure a shared and common understanding of goals to maximise both business and customer value. But all too often, BAs are time poor, multi-tasking, dealing with difficult stakeholders and acting in several roles, leading to poorer performance and stress. It takes more than just perseverance to manage these demands. BAs need mindfulness.

Mindfulness is a key skill that helps increase focus, manage stress and build resilience. The mindful BA helps teams truly collaborate and share ideas to deliver better solutions. The benefits of mindfulness include clearing thinking, increased creativity and improved communication. Kathy will share her experiences applying mindfulness to be a more effective, and happier, BA.
In this practical and interactive session, participants will learn:

  • How mindfulness helps improve concentration and cope with stress;
  • Why mindfulness is important for effective communications and collaboration;
  • Mindfulness techniques and how to apply mindfulness in day-to-day BA work

Learning Outcomes:

  • What is mindfulness and how it helps BAs become more effective.
  • How mindfulness can help increase focus, enable clearer thinking and better decision making.
  • How to practice mindfulness and practical ways to introduce and use it within teams.