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The 1. European Business Analysis Day was a great success!

The very new conference “BA-DAY” took place in Frankfurt

The European Business Analysis Day ( is a conference format which has been launched in 2018. The first event took place in Frankfurt-Eschborn, May 17th and 18th. Unlike other conferences in central Europe on topics like Requirements Engineering, Business Analysis, Business Rules and Process Management, this conference is made especially for the English-speaking community, i.e., all speeches, workshops and presentations will be completely in English. That’s why this conference is reaching out to Europe as a whole in terms of potential visitors, speakers and supporting sponsors and associations. It opens up new international networking opportunities, in a digital English-speaking European or even global community without any impeding borders.

This leads us to our actual motto: A future without borders in a digital world.

New political borders, protectionism, further increasing numbers of refugees and a terrifying development of global poverty – we like to put this conference straight into the middle of our life, holistically. Approaching the end of the second decade in the new millennium we are asking ourselves again and again – where are we going? How can we positively contribute to building this digital future with a valuable impact?

Keynote speaker Helene Prölß already knows her very personal answer. As CEO and founder of Managers Without Borders (MOB) she is helping tiny businesses and start-ups in the poor countries. In her presentation, Business People Against Poverty, she explains the concept of Business Analysis and Business development in the developing countries, mainly in Africa and Asia. These non-profit initiatives are made for creating value locally, enabling small companies and building new jobs there. As host of this conference, masVenta supports MOB as we share their view.

As usual, the opening keynote should free up our minds and prepare us for the coming presentations on the various topics of Business Analysis. For 2018 we have identified the following hot topics:

The leading Training Workshop Day, May 17th – Design Thinking with a real Outcome

Design Thinking is running through a remarkable hype, for several years many companies have been checking out how Design Thinking can help master the challenges of continuously accelerating innovation cycles. After having heard so much about the structure and the underlying principles of Design Thinking you might be curious to see a real outcome, a genuine and valuable effect which has been produced by a Design Thinking task force working on a real case. This is exactly the mission we have set for this training day on May 17th. Please note that the places are limited to 24 participants.

Conference Day May 18th Topic #1 – Agile Analysis

We have simply called this track Agile Analysis. Analysis seen in a broader space than just Software Development, or just Business Analysis or just Requirements Engineering. We will have speakers with know-how and real case studies who are following an integrated approach where everything comes together. Agile Requirements Engineering or Agile Business Analysis only works if Business and IT share the agile mind-set, if the Business people become agile leaders by themselves. Analysis should start from the top, with the Business need at the core and with the common goal to create real value. All leading associations in Requirements Engineering and Business Analysis are working on incorporating Agile into their best practices, and Agile has become indispensable in most environments. But, Agile needs to be implemented empirically, tailored in a way which works sustainably. You will see real case studies with hybrid concepts in this conference.

Conference Day May 18th Topic #2 – User and Customer Experience

Customer Experience makes all the difference while we are in the midst of the digital transformation. Products and services from their functional perspective and prices become more and more comparable. Customer decisions nowadays are often based on a complex mixture made from experiences, emotions and relationships which are shared and influenced in the customer communities and networks, everywhere, anytime. Experiences are made at every touchpoint in the customer journey and as well with the products themselves, by users experiencing the quality of the product interfaces. We will have international specialists in a range from B2B to B2C, presenting their experiences and concepts and sharing the success factors of their projects.

Conference Day May 18th Topic #3 – Business Process Performance

Even though this does not sound hot in your ears, it is! Process Mining and Performance are the building blocks for well-functioning companies which are conscious with regards to their potential areas of improvement. If processes are not measured, they cannot be improved. This is completely aligned with the so-called Solution Evaluation elements in Business Analysis. Measurements need to be defined and data needs to be collected for investment decisions, based on conclusions which are drawn out. While this sounds that simple in theory it is an enormous effort to establish suitable structures in companies. We have sought-after international specialists in Process Mining and Business Process Performance Management, you should not miss their presentations. Or do you want to share something with the community? If yes, the next paragraph might be of special interest for you.

For the Sponsors

If your company is looking for brilliant Business Analysts, you can directly get in touch with them at Europe’s leading BA hot spot. Recruiting Business Analysts on the BA-DAY is very focused and efficient, and it comes with reasonable efforts and costs compared to other ways to find excellent staff.

If you are marketing software products you probably run into Analysts who are evaluating your products, we wonder if these people are called BAs. BAs are often consulting decision makers – on the conference they will recognize your products and services and if they are conceptualizing or evaluating solutions consisting of services, products and tools, they will only consider your products if they know them, the more, the better. Look out for great Business Analysts who are working in projects directly with decision makers and Top-Level Management, to present them the latest version of your software tools.

Your company and your products will be present on web pages, in newsletters, and in multi-channel advertisements for one year. Sponsor categories, fees and services are explained in a separate slide deck, please go to Sponsors to find the actual value proposition. Please find some of the 2018 sponsors below or go to the Sponsors 2018 archive page.


Why the BA-Day?

Professionals, company representatives and consultants will meet the international Who-is-Who in Business Analysis and Requirements Engineering, the conference is completely held in English language. However, you might see outstanding German speakers and company leaders as well. Business Analysis practitioners from all over the world are sharing the experiences on this conference. Due to the central location in one of Europe’s financial headquarters, Frankfurt am Main, this event will mainly attract international people and it will become the meeting spot for all English-speaking professionals who have stakes in Business Analysis and who are working in central Europe.

Please contact us, we are happy to discuss your thoughts with you personally.

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